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• Eco friendly •

The importance of recycling and living a more eco-friendly lifestyle has caught the attention of many people. We are the individuals who contribute to the condition the world now faces.

We want to live in an eco-friendly environment but we need to be become more aware how each of us can make a difference as individuals.

“Springtime at the Beach” is a good chance for us to work together to decrease the effects of our actions which are causing harm to our environment and eventually to us.

One of the simplest actions you can take is to offset your carbon footprint. This means that you can choose eco-friendly transportation to travel to the conference.

- Visit www.greenseat.com to learn how much it would cost to offset the CO2 emissions from your travel.
- If you use a taxi, please consider asking other fellow Toastmasters to share the ride.

You may notice that during the conference we will try to reduce the number of printed documents and all brochures and leaflets will be printed double sided on recycled paper. Our badges and lanyards will be made from biodegradable materials.

We carefully selected our conference location, the NH Atlantic Hotel on the spectacular shore of the North Sea. NH Hotels considers it important to raise the awareness of their guests in order to work with them on the environment during their stay in the hotels. You will notice this through various messages in rooms and bathrooms in which guests are invited to bear in mind small actions they can take during their stay to benefit the environment.

We hope that you share our views and will join our effort to support the eco-friendly life style. It may be that for some of you, this coming Toastmaster conference will be another part of your already eco-friendly routine, and for some, it can be the starting point on your way to saving the environment.